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CAT 2017 [slot 2] Question with solution 05

Question 39:
Out of the shirts produced in a factory, 15% are defective, while 20% of the rest are sold in the domestic market. If the remaining 8840 shirts are left for export, then the number of shirts produced in the factory is
  1. 13600
  2. 13000
  3. 13400
  4. 14000
Option: 2

Let the total number of shirts be x. Hence number of non defective shirts = x - 15% of x = 0.85x
Number of shirts left for export = No of non defective shirts - number of shirts sold in domestic market
= No of non defective shirts - 20% of No of non defective shirts
= 80% of No of non defective shirts
Hence 8840 = 0.8 × (0.85x) . Solving for x we get, x = 13000

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