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CAT 2017 [slot 2] Question with solution 02

Question 36:
In a 10 km race, A, B, and C, each running at uniform speed, get the gold, silver, and bronze medals, respectively. I f A beats B by 1 km and B beats C by 1 km, then by how many metres does A beat C?
Answer: 1900

By the time A traveled 10 KM, B traveled 9 KM
Hence $Speed_A : Speed_B = 10:9$
Similarly $Speed_B : Speed_C = 10:9$
Hence $Speed_A : Speed_B : Speed_C = 100:90:81$
Hence by the time A traveled 10 KMs , C should have traveled 8.1 KMs
So A beat C by 1.9 KMs = 1900 Mts

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