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[PDF] CAT 2022 Question Paper (slot 1,2 &3) with Solution

CAT 2022 question paper was tougher than all the previous CAT papers, resulting in lower cutoffs than what the pundits had expected. None of the sections in CAT 2022 question papers, across all the three slots, could have been called an easy section. 

The questions in all the three sections were more on the difficult side. In addition to this, the difficulty levels of the questions across the three slots were very similar, though it seems that varc section in slot 1 was of a slightly higher difficulty than the other two slots

Comparison of CAT 2022 question papers with CAT 2021: From close analysis and comparison of two question papers of two different years, we get to know that varc in CAT 2021 was far easier than varc in CAT 2022. The LRDI of CAT 22,also, was a little more difficult than that of CAT 21. 

In CAT 2021, across all the three slots, we had at least one set which could have easily solved, but in CAT 2022, even the easiest of all the sets took some time to solve. QA section of CAT 2022 was easier than the slot 3 QA section of CAT 2021. Thus we see that the overall difficulty of CAT 2022 question paper was much higher than CAT 2021.

CAT 2022 Question Paper (Slot 1) with Answer KeysDownload PDF
CAT 2022 Question Paper (Slot 2) with Answer KeysDownload PDF
CAT 2022 Question Paper (Slot 3) with Answer KeysDownload PDF
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