5 Steps & Tricks to Solve Odd One Sentence Out Questions for CAT Exam

odd sentence

Odd One sentence out is a recent addition to CAT Verbal Ability Section; it did not exist until CAT 2012; and because it did not exist until CAT 2012, we have little practice odd sentence out questions available. Many are not even aware of what exactly the question demands. The students must get accustomed to reading the […]

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How to solve para completion or paragraph completion for CAT exam

The significance of Para Completion or Paragraph Completion Para Completion (PC) has been a regular feature of CAT papers since 2005. Before we solve the Para Completion questions, we must try to understand what the questions test. Para Completion Questions test the candidate’s thought process, their ability to conclude, summarize, continue or keep track of […]

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How to solve inference based reading comprehension questions in CAT Exam ?

inference based Questions on reading comprehension

Inference based CAT Reading Comprehension questions are one of the most challenging kinds of RC questions. To better understand the nuances of inference based problems, the aspirant must realize how inference based reading comprehension questions are different from other types of CAT reading comprehension questions. Different types of CAT Reading Comprehension Questions: For each CAT […]

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[MPG] Mass Point Geometry : Tricks for Triangles for CAT Exam

Introduction to Mass Point Geometry [MPG] Mass point Geometry (MPG) is a technique borrowed from the concepts of physics which we apply to solve many complex problems involving triangles and intersecting lines. The technique is easy to understand and apply. MPG technique also simplifies calculations of ratios in geometric figures in an intuitive way by […]

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