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Question: The figure below shows the plan of a town. The streets are at right angles to each other. A rectangular park (P) is situated inside the town with a diagonal road running through it. There is also a prohibited region (D) in the town.

Neelam rides her bicycle from her house at A to her club at C, via B taking the shortest path. Then the number of possible shortest paths that she can choose is

  1. 1170
  2. 630
  3. 792
  4. 1200
  5. 936

Correct Option:1

The shortest route from A to B is via the diagonal in the square P. A to the north-west corner of square P can be travelled in 4!/2!×2! ways. Number of ways to travel from the south-east corner of square P to B is 6!/4!×2!.
B to the north-east corner of D can be travelled in 6!/5! ways. From there to C can be travelled in 2 ways. There is 1 other way of travelling from B to C (along the perimeter of the field).
The total number of ways is, therefore, (4!/2!×2!) × (6!/4!×2!) × (6!/5! × 2 + 1)
= 6×15×13 = 1170

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