CAT Quant Practice Problems

Question: A confused bank teller transposed the rupees and paise when he cashed a cheque for Shailaja. Giving her rupees instead of paise and paise instead of rupees. After buying a toffee for 50 paise, Shailaja noticed that she was left with exactly three times as much as the amount on the cheque. Which of the following is a valid statement about the cheque amount?
  1. Over Rupees 13 but less than Rupees 14
  2. Over Rupees 7 but less than Rupees 8
  3. Over Rupees 22 but less than Rupees 23
  4. Over Rupees 18 but less than Rupees 19
  5. Over Rupees 4 but less than Rupees 5

Correct Option:4

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CAT Quant Practice Problems
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