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Question: Consider three circular parks of equal size with centers at A1, A2, and A3 respectively. The parks touch each other at the edge as shown in the figure (not drawn to scale). There are three paths formed by the triangles A1A2A3, B1B2B3, and C1C2C3, , as shown. Three sprinters A, B, and C begin running from points A1, B1 and C1 respectively. Each sprinter traverses her respective triangular path clockwise and returns to her starting point.

Let the radius of each circular park be r, and the distances to be traversed by the sprinters A, B and C be a, b and c respectively. Which of the following is true?

\(b - a = c - b = 3\sqrt 3 r\)
\(b - a = c - b = \sqrt 3 r\)
\(b = \frac{{a + c}}{2} = 2\left( {1 + \sqrt 3 } \right)r\)
\(c = 2b - a = \left( {2 + \sqrt 3 } \right)r\)
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