CAT Quant Practice Problems

Question: A leather factory produces two kinds of bags, standard and deluxe. The profit margin is Rs. 20 on a standard bag and Rs. 30 on a deluxe bag. Every bag must be processed on machine A and on Machine B. The processing times per bag on the two machines are as follows:

Time required (Hours/bag)

Machine A

Machine B

Standard Bag



Deluxe Bag



The total time available on machine A is 700 hours and on machine B is 1250 hours. Among the following production plans, which one meets the machine availability constraints and maximizes the profit?

  1. Standard 75 bags, Deluxe 80 bags
  2. Standard 100 bags, Deluxe 60 bags
  3. Standard 50 bags, Deluxe 100 bags
  4. Standard 60 bags, Deluxe 90 bags

Correct Option:1

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