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Question: There are three bottles of water — A, B, C, whose capacities are 5 L, 3 L, and 2 L respectively. For transferring water from one bottle to another and to drain out the bottles, there exists a piping system. The flow through these pipes is computer-controlled. The computer that controls the flow through these pipes can be fed with three types of instructions, as explained below.

Instruction type

Explanation of the instruction

Fill (X, Y)

Fill bottle labelled X from the water in bottle labelled Y, where the remaining capacity of X is less than or equal to the amount of water in Y.

Empty (X, Y)

Empty out the water in bottle labelled X into bottle labelled Y, where the amount of water in X is less than or equal to remaining capacity of Y.

Drain (X)

Drain out all the water contained in bottle labelled X.

Initially, A is full with water, and B and C are empty.

After executing a sequence of three instructions, bottle A contains one litre of water. The first and the third of these instructions are shown below.

First instruction: FILL (C, A)

Third instruction: FILL (C, A)

Then which of the following statements about the instructions is true?

  1. The second instruction is FILL (B, A).
  2. The second instruction is EMPTY (C, B).
  3. The second instruction transfers water from B to C.
  4. The second instruction involves using the water in bottle A.

Correct Option:2

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