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Question: Let x and y be real numbers and let f (x,y) = x + y , F(f (x,y)) = −f (x,y) and G(f (x, y)) = −F(f (x, y))

Which of the following expressions yields x2as its result?

F(f (x, − x))⋅G(f (x, − x))
F(f (x, x))⋅G(f (x, x))⋅ 4
\({\rm{ - f}}\left( {{\rm{f}}\left( {{\rm{x,x}}} \right)} \right){\rm{.G}}\left( {{\rm{f}}\left( {{\rm{x,x}}} \right)} \right){\rm{ \div lo}}
f (x, x)⋅ f (x, x)
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