CAT Quant Practice Problems

Question: A, B and C are defined as follows.

A= \(\left( {2.000004} \right) \div \left[ {{{\left( {2.000004} \right)}^2} + \left( {4.000008} \right)} \right]\)

B= \(\left( {3.000003} \right) \div \left[ {{{\left( {3.000003} \right)}^2} + \left( {9.000009} \right)} \right]\)

C= \(\left( {4.000002} \right) \div \left[ {{{\left( {4.000002} \right)}^2} + \left( {8.000004} \right)} \right]\)

Which of the following is true about the values of the above three expressions?

All of them lie between 0.18 and 0.2
A is twice of C
C is the smallest
B is the smallest
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