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Question: Ghoshbabu is staying at Ghosh Housing Society, Aghosh Colony, Dighospur , Calcutta. In Ghosh Housing Society 6 persons read daily Ganashakti and 4 read Anand Bazar Patrika; in his colony there is no person who reads both. Total number of persons who read these two newspapers in Aghosh Colony and Dighospur is 52 and 200 respectively. Number of persons who read Ganashakti in Aghosh Colony and Dighospur is 33 and 121 respectively; while the persons who read Anand Bazar Patrika in Aghosh Colony and Dighospur are 32 and 117 respectively.

Number of persons in Dighospur who read only Ganashakti is

  1. 121
  2. 83
  3. 79
  4. 127

Correct Option:2

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CAT Quant Practice Problems
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