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CAT Test Series: Its importance and its relevance

Writing CAT Mock Tests is the most important, and often the final, step of your CAT preparation journey. Bur many CAT aspirants do not understand the reason behind its importance and how relevant it is in order to do well in CAT exam.

We all know that what can be measured can be improved upon. If you enrol for a good CAT mock test series, you will get a chance to write a good number of CAT topic tests, CAT sectional tests and CAT mock tests. You might wonder why have I put the CAT topic wise tests at the start and the CAT mock tests at the end. The reason is that one should start with CAT topic wise tests, then move to the Cat sectional tests and finally the CAT mock tests at the end.

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The order is very important. In CAT mocks you will get questions from a wide range of topics. In order to do well in the entire test, you have to be good in the topics that are tested in the exam. Thus, it is paramount that you first

  1. Get a firm hold on all the concepts
  2. Practice a good number of questions from each topic (without time constraint)
  3. Practice again but with time constraint
  4. Write a number of CAT topic wise tests on every major topic that is tested in the exam (focus should be on question selection)
  5. Take sectional tests to optimize your score in the 40-minute duration
  6. Take full length CAT mock Tests to build stamina, concentration and to work out a broader game plan


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