CAT Crash Course 2019 Online

CAT Crash Course [2019] Online

Recording of the live sessions are made available.


CAT 2019 Crash Course

₹ 3999

  • 54 Live Online Sessions
  • Practice Material
  • Mock Analysis
  • LRDI Online Course FREE
  • VARC 35 Recorded Session FREE

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Schedule of CAT crash course live sessions

The CAT crash course for CAT 2019 comprises of:

  1. 20 VARC live sessions, with 6 sessions on live mock discussion of the verbal section
  2. 16 LRDI live sessions, with 6 sessions on live mock discussion of the LRDI section
  3. 20 QA sessions, with 6 sessions on live mock discussion of the QA section

In addition to the CAT crash course live sessions, the student will get:

175 LRDI sets with video solutions worth Rs 2499 for free


Recordings of 35 VARC sessions worth Rs 999 for free

CAT crash course enrollment

Demo Videos


CAT Quant Demo



CAT Verbal Demo





Session Plan : Quant

Session No.


1Properties of numbers + Factorization
2Remainders + Last digits
3HCF and LCM + Base System
4Percentages + Profit and Loss
5Mock Strategy Session -1
6Ratio and Proportion + Averages
7Mixtures and Alligation
8Time and Work + Pipes and cisterns
9Mock Strategy Session – 2
10Time Speed and Distance
11Mock Strategy Session -3
12Linear and Quadratic Equations
13Logarithms + Progressions
14Functions + Maxima and Minima
15Mock Strategy Session -4
17Circles + Quadrilaterals
18Polygons + Solid Geometry
19Mock Strategy Session -5
20Mock Strategy Session -6

Session Plan : LRDI

Session No.


1Logical Reasoning Orientation
2Data Interpretation Orientation
3Mock strategy Session -1
4Logical Reasoning Practice Session -1
5Data Interpretation Practice Session – 1
6Logical Reasoning Practice Session -2
7Data Interpretation Practice Session – 2
8Mock strategy Session -2
9Mock strategy Session -3
10Logical Reasoning Practice session -3
11Data Interpretation Practice Session – 3
12Logical Reasoning Practice session -4
13Data Interpretation Practice Session -4
14Mock strategy Session -4
15Logical Reasoning Practice session -5
16Data Interpretation Practice Session – 5

Session Plan : Verbal Ability

Session No.Topic
Reading Comprehension- (Science and Environment)
Reading Comprehension- (Business and Economics)
Reading Comprehension- (Sociology and Philosophy)
Reading Comprehension- (Criticisms)
TITA Parajumbles- I
Odd Sentence
Paragraph Summary
Mock Discussion- I
Reading Comprehension- (Sociology and Philosophy)
Mock Discussion- II
Reading Comprehension- (Science and Environment)
Mock Discussion- III
TITA Parajumbles- II
Odd Sentence- II
Mock Discussion- IV
Reading Comprehension- (Business and Economics)
Mock Discussion- V
Mock Discussion- VI

Benefits of Online CAT Crash course

The CAT crash course for CAT 2019, designed by us, is crisp and focuses only on those areas that are relevant to CAT. Some of the biggest challenges faced by CAT aspirants at this time of the year are fluctuating percentile, low scores in VARC, lack of proper strategy to clear the cut off, not being able to pick the right LRDI sets etc.

The universal solution to all the above problems is just one: analysis of mocks. The more the no of mocks you analyze, the better your test-taking strategy would be; in addition to this, the deeper the analysis the better aware you would become of aware your relative strengths and weaknesses.

By doing so, you would be able to add at least 45-50 marks to your overall score. Our CAT crash course workshop for CAT 2019 gives the highest importance to online test-taking strategy and mock discussion, something that is the need of the hour for all sincere aspirants.


CAT 2019 Crash Course

₹ 3999

  • 54 Live Online Sessions
  • Practice Material
  • Mock Analysis
  • LRDI Online Course FREE
  • VARC 35 Recorded Session FREE

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Answer: On each day of the CAT crash course, the student would be given a set of questions; these questions would be of varying difficulty levels, and the student has to solve these questions before the start of the CAT crash course. In the live sessions, the solutions of those questions and the best way of solving those questions shall be discussed.

Answer: All the sessions would be recorded and made available next day by 3 pm. The students registered for the CAT crash course will get a user id and password with which they can access the course.

Answer: Students would be getting the CAT crash course material by 11 am on their respective mail ids. The entire CAT crash course material will not be given in advance. The course material only of that particular day would be mailed to the student.

Answer: You need not worry if you join late. The recorded sessions, as well as the PDFs of all the CAT crash courses, would be made available

Answer: Yes, the CAT crash courses will cover the basics, but these basics would be covered along with the questions that we would have given the student for that particular day

Answer: While watching the recorded sessions, if the student has any doubt, then he or she can approach us for assistance; the student can approach us through mail or on our FB group.

Answer: Yes, post the completion of the CAT crash course, if the student has any doubts,he or she can always approach us for any assistance

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