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CAT Critical Reasoning Practice question with Solution 34

The advanced technology of ski boots and bindings has brought a dramatic drop in the incidence of injuries that occur on the slopes of ski resorts: from 9 injuries per 1,000 skiers in 1950 to 3 in 1980. As a result, the remainder of ski-related injuries, which includes all injuries occurring on the premises of a ski resort but not on the slopes, rose from 10 percent of all ski-related injuries in 1950 to 25 percent in 1980. The incidence of these injuries, including accidents such as falling down steps, increases with the amount of alcohol consumed per skier

Which one of the following conflicts with information in the passage?

[A]. The number of ski injuries that occurred on the slopes was greater in 1980 than in 1950.
[B]. A skier was less likely to be injured on the slopes in 1950 than in 1980.
[C]. The reporting of ski injuries became more accurate between 1950 and 1980.
[D]. The total number of skiers dropped between 1950 and 1980.
[E]. Some ski-related injuries occurred in 1980 to people who were not skiing.
Answer: B

We’re told that the incidence of on-slope injuries decreased from 9 injuries per 1000 skiers in 1950, to 3 injuries per 1000 skiers in 1980. That means a skier was much less likely to suffer an on-slope injury in 1980 than in 1950. Clearly, (B) is in direct contradiction with this.

(A) Although we know the “incidence” or rate of injuries on the slopes definitely decreased over this period, we don’t know anything about the actual number of injuries. If there were many more skiers on the slopes in 1980 (at least three times as many), then it’s quite possible that answer choice (A) is correct and on-slope injuries did go up.

(C) The stimulus says absolutely nothing about the reporting of injuries, so it’s not contradicted by (C).

(D) The stimulus provides us with absolutely no grounds for concluding anything about the actual number of skiers; we’re only told about the number of injuries per 1000 skiers, without being told the necessary information: how many thousand skiers there actually were. So answer choice (D) may or may not be true; it doesn’t contradict any information we’re given.

(E) Since we’re told that 25% of all ski related injuries occurred off the slopes, and that those injuries include things like “falling down steps,” (E) is actually a safe inference based on the stimulus.

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