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In 2010, a library contained a total of 11500 books in two categories - fiction and nonfiction. In 2015, the library contained a total of 12760 books in these two categories. During this period, there was 10% increase in the fiction category while there was 12% increase in the non-fiction category. How many fiction books were in the library in 2015?

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Correct Answer: Option: 4

Let there number of fiction and non fiction books in 2010 be x and y respectively.

From the first condition:

$x+y=11500 \cdots(1)$

From the second condition:

$1.1 \times x+1.2 \times y=11500 \cdots(2)$

Solving both the equations, we get x = 6000.

In 2015, the number of fiction books = 1.1x = 6600

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