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While multiplying three real numbers, Ashok took one of the numbers as 73 instead of 37. As a result, the product went up by 720. Then the minimum possible value of the sum of squares of the other two numbers is

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Correct Answer: 40

We know that one of the 3 numbers is 37.

Let the product of the other 2 numbers be x.

It has been given that 73x-37x = 720

36x = 720

x = 20

Product of 2 real numbers is 20. 

We have to find the minimum possible value of the sum of the squares of the 2 numbers. 

Let x=a*b

It has been given that a*b=20

The least possible sum for a given product is obtained when the numbers are as close to each other as possible. 

Therefore, when a=b, the value of a and b will be $\sqrt{20}$.

Sum of the squares of the 2 numbers = 20 + 20 = 40.

Therefore, 40 is the correct answer.

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