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A triangle ABC has area 32 sq units and its side BC, of length 8 units, lies on the line x = 4. Then the shortest possible distance between A and the point (0,0) is

4 units
8 units
4√2 units
2√2 units
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Correct Answer: 1

We know that area of the triangle = 32 sq. units, BC = 8 units

Therefore, the height of the perpendicular drawn from point A to BC = 2*32/8 = 8 units.

Let us draw a possible diagram of the given triangle.


We can see that if A coincide with (-4, 0) then the distance between A and (0, 0) = 4 units.

If we move the triangle up or down keeping the base BC on x = 4, then point A will move away from origin as vertical distance will come into factor whereas horizontal distance will remain as 4 units.

Hence, we can say that minimum distance between A and origin (0, 0) = 4 units.

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CAT 2018 Quant Questions
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